Birthday Party Tea Party Hong Kong

Birthday Tea Party

The Royal Birthday Tea Party 法式尊貴生日茶點聚會

The Royal Birthday Tea Party Hong Kong - The Girls Room by QueenEco

Dear Elegant Ladies,每當生日快到時,你是否憧憬一個不一樣的慶生茶聚,與親愛的好友共聚與別不同的時光?推開The Girls Room by QueenEco的大門,讓充滿法國皇室氣質的茶聚環境與情調驅散平凡與常規的生活!取材自法國瑪麗皇后Marie Antoinette時尚品味的尊貴聚會即將展開。

The Girls Room by QueenEco 為你預備Marie Antoinette Tea Party,以法國皇后的品味作主導,讓你與朋友在專屬私人空間度過愉快時光,增添難忘浪漫的回憶。QueenEco精選與這個尊貴主題茶聚匹配的精髓:始創於1672年的法國香薰名茶專家NINA’s Paris以瑪麗皇后作為調配花草茶的靈感(從凡爾賽宮內的Le Potager du Roi專享農地種植用以調配香茶的玫瑰花及青蘋果)、伴以Vintage餐具盛載的地道法式美點,耳聽靈感取自瑪麗皇后的豎琴及大鍵琴音樂,暢所欲言……Royal Birthday Tea Party HK_The Girls Room by QueenEco_2Royal Birthday Tea Party HK_The Girls Room by QueenEco The Royal Birthday Tea Party HK_The Girls Room by QueenEcoThe Girls Room by QueenEco_Royal Birthday Tea Party HK

An all-inclusive French Chic Birthday Tea Party Package

The Girls Room by QueenEco自啟業以来,有幸獲各大傳媒支持,更曾被香港暢銷報章蘋果日報評為全港十大下午茶選址之一。我們為你用心打造如在家般暢懷的法式私茶聚派對,以下各項細節都務求至臻完美。

Your party room will be fully decorated, in QueenEco’s style!


A complimentary personalized bay window backdrop. 落地玻璃陽台將掛上生日主角名字的派對佈景。

You may let us know the theme of your party 歡迎以下不同生日派對主題:

  • Forever Young Birthday Party 永恆青春生日茶點派對
  • Baby’s 1st Birthday Party 寶寶一歲生日茶點派對
  • Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party 甜蜜十六生日茶點派對

Private viewing of QueenEco’s collectibles from around France. Every corner of our room is easily a fancy backdrop for your dazzling photos. 觀覽QueenEco從法國各地收集的私人珍藏,房間裏的每個角落將為你的照片添色不少。

A journey to savour regional specialties of France!


Our signature menu: A variety of authentic homestyle tea time delights that are signature items of various French regions will be served. All delights are carefully selected by QueenEco from professional French caterers and re-styled by our team and served with a mix of vintage / classic French table wares. 提供多款代表法國不同地區的地道家庭式茶點美食,均由QueenEco親身從專業法國餐飲服務供應商嚴選,並為每一道美點造型重新演繹,與桌上各種雅緻vintage / 從法國購回的餐具巧妙共舞,屆時將即場為你們介紹每項美點。

Inclusive of below drinks 茶聚包括以下飲料:

Complimentary welcome drink:  A bottle of Sparkling Rose Wine from West of France. 贈送迎賓特飲 – 來自法國西部酒區的有氣玫瑰酒乙瓶。

Premium French Blended Tea: A selected French tea handpicked from Century-old Maison in Paris will be served and shared among all guests, home-style.  家庭式的聚會,將奉上一款搜購自巴黎百年名店的法式花茶,讓各位賓客共享,並無限盡興添飲。

*Free flow of distilled water. 在場並有提供蒸餾水。

Fun Activities:

  • A mini greeting card session:  Express your creativity! Write your warm wishes onto our in-house designed jumbo size Macaron Tower card (valued at $120) for the birthday girl, we will provide all materials. To enrich the content, why not bring in your polaroid camera and take a few groupies for the birthday card? 於我們自家精心設計的 Macaron Tower 坐枱生日心意卡(價值$120),獻上衷心的祝幅。為你提供基本手作材料,建議自備寶麗萊相機以豐富心意卡內容。
  • A unique photo opportunity: Take unlimited photos with our full range of photo props. 盡情與一系列精美派對小道具無限拍照。
  • A guided group photo-taking experience: Just bring in your own cameras and our team will help you with group photos in the best angles. What’s more, we can suggest fun poses for this special occasion. 別忘記帶備相機,我們樂意替你們在最美的角度拍攝團體照,更樂意指導創意甫士!

Dress Code:

Wear your pretty dress for the dear birthday girl! While we would take care of everything else, all you have to do is to decide a dress theme among your bffs and guests. It’s a lifetime moment that will become an unforgettable memory! 我們將為你包辦一切派對事誼,你只須與姊妹們為這個特别日子定議一個造型主題,齊齊特意打扮,與生日主角歌頌友誼,成就畢生難忘的集體回憶!

Tips: pick a color theme, or something fun, creative, feminine, etc. 小提示 – 自選淨色色系,可帶玩味、創意、女性化等造型。

The Girls Room by QueenEco_Bridal Shower Tea Party HK

You may enjoy our fascinators and flower wreaths for photo purpose. 我們為你提供歐陸節慶淑女帽及花環頭式,可讓你在這個特別日子一試以新造型拍照留倩影。

The Girls Room by QueenEco_Bridal Shower Tea Party HK_5

Time & Package Price:

Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Other days during the week available upon request. Our party room will be privately yours.

歡迎預約:逢周二、四、六、日,若打算於其他日子舉行可另議詳情,整個 party room 空間全屬於你們的私人專享。

All our comprehensive packages are inclusive of:

  • Our house-style decorations, hairpieces, photo props, birthday card and a personalized backdrop
  • Full table setup with a variety of French homestyle gourmet delights (both savoury and sweet) and fine tea.  No single-use plastic tablewares in our venue.
  • Our seasonal menu will be presented on the spot
  • A complimentary bottle of French Rosé Sparkling Wine
  • The QueenEco team will be there to help with group photos

*You may bring in your own cake and wine, free of charge.

*We have plenty of decorations and props in our venue, and recommend our guests avoid bringing in unnecessary single-use decorative items for environment’s sake :)


  • 場地佈置、頭飾、拍照道具,及生日卡
  • 一系列法式住家鹹點、甜點及名茶,全套餐桌安排均不使用即棄塑膠餐具
  • 當日的每項美點將留待屆時即場為你們介紹
  • 特別奉送法國玫瑰氣酒乙瓶
  • QueenEco團隊將在場協助賓客拍攝團體照,並指導拍攝角度與甫士



Choose Your Time Slot 選擇心水時段:

Morning session: (只限周六及日 Only Saturday & Sunday)
10:30am -1:30pm (HK$590/person, minimum 6 people, service charge waived)

上午十時半至下午一時半 (每位HK$590不設加一,六位起。)

Afternoon session:
3:00pm – 6:00pm or 3:30pm – 6:30pm (HK$590/person, minimum 6 people, all-inclusive, service charge waived)

下午三時至六時  下午三時半至六時半(每位HK$590不設加一,六位起。)

Night time session:
7:30pm – 10:30pm (HK$890/person, minimum 6 people, service charge waived)


Additional Options:

Extra hour: HK$800 per each additional hour will be charged after the 3-hour session. 如欲延長時間,額外每小時收費為 HK$800。

Photographers: You are welcome to invite your own professional photographer. Additional HK$250 (HK$350 if one assistant is joining) will be charged. 歡迎安排你的專業攝影師進行拍攝,額外入場費為HK$250(包括助手一名則為HK$350)。

Calligraphy Workshop_The Girls Room by QueenEco

DIY Workshops: Our in-house Calligraphy on a Fan workshop can be arranged upon request. 我們可為你額外安排手繪歐式扇子工作坊,歡迎查詢。




The Girls Room by QueenEco_Bridal Shower Photography Studio HKOur In-house Photography Service: We may offer our house-style photography service package upon request, which will be a lifetime treasure for sharing on your wedding day. 我們可為你拍攝我們風格的專輯,經幻美後期製作,可在證婚大日子與親朋戚友分享,也是終身不可取替的回憶。



Make Your Appointment:

Step One:  Please register as our member prior to requesting for a booking.

(1) 先按此填妥個人資料並確認無誤。Please click here to register.
(2) 登記後將立刻收到由artdevivre@queeneco.com發出啟動會籍之電郵,請即時確認以完成QueenEco會員的登記步驟。You will receive an email from us under, please confirm immediately in order to complete the membership registration process.

Step Two:  Upon successful registration, please Contact Us, and provide: 1) your preferred date; 2) no. of people. We will get back to you to confirm the availability and details on the deposit required.

成功登記成為會員後,請聯絡我們,並提供:1) 希望開派對的日期 2) 參與人數, 我們會盡快跟你聯絡確認訂位及繳付訂金事宜。

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