Bridal Shower DIY Workshop 18世紀宮廷盛宴手作工作坊

Why would you want to buy mediocre photo props when you deserve your own whimsical ones? A DIY workshop that you may add on to your bridal shower bookings, or make it as a stand-alone DIY tea party at our venue.  Inspired by the glamorous style of Marie Antoinette, we will be making photo props that are full of the 18th Century vibes.  What’s more, you may personalise your props by handwriting whatever you could come up with.  And voila, with these unique props, the bride’s squad could all enjoy an elegant photo-shooting. 

相約到 The Girls Room by QueenEco,慶祝好姊妹即將由公主化身成皇后,談天說地、盡訴心事之餘,我們一直都收到很多客人的查詢,希望趁聚會的美好時光,動手做多點有趣的事情,搞搞新意思。18世紀,在極具奢華品味的瑪莉王后帶動下,扇子更成為法國宮廷派對上彰顯品味的重要一環… The Girls Room 多年來一直推崇法式浪漫,隆重呈獻《18世紀宮廷盛宴手作工作坊》,讓姊妹團齊齊親自製作只屬於你們的華麗派對道具,並可隨意寫下心想字句,配搭我們一向提供的歐陸節慶淑女帽及皇冠頭飾,定必為大家相聚的紀念照畫龍點睛。



Time & Package Price:

此工作坊為 The Girls Room by QueenEco 各主題茶聚的附加活動,若決定附加此工作坊,各主題茶聚的時間便由原先的三小時延續至四小時。


– 一切所需素材(提供多項款式供自行選擇)

– 彈性選擇多款額外裝飾

– 整個製作過程將由 QueenEco 團隊專人指導下進行

– 適合無手作經驗者

– 為已報名的茶聚多添一小時(原價HK$800)




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