Château de Champs-sur-Marne: The Wedding Gown Exhibition

While staying in Paris, there are always many ideas for a day trip. Headed to Château de Champs-sur-Marne for two reasons: the chateau itself, built in 18th Century, one of the most beautifully furnished chateaux of ile-de-France (the region where Paris is), and the “Vive la Mariée” exhibition, the 3rd series of the “History in Costume” project by the National Monuments Centre. As a bridal shower specialist, this exhibition, which is all about the most important piece in a female’s wardrobe: the wedding dress — symbol of the big day, a crucial moment in a woman’s life, is surely exciting to me. It retraces the evolution of this exceptional outfit, from the end of 17th century until 1930s, constantly reinvented in styles and forms, but never obsolete to the image of marriage.

Through browsing 40 wedding dresses accompanied by accessories, I got to discover the beautiful rooms of Château de Champs-sur-Marne, filled with sumptuous rococo decorations, and pieces decorated with taste and harmony. Most of its furnitures were stamped with the greatest cabinetmakers of the 18th Century.

身在巴黎,城內固然精彩,城外也有很多適合週末放鬆一天遊的好去處。選擇到 Château de Champs-sur-Marne 有兩個原因:參觀這個建於18世紀的城堡,是在 ile-de-France (法蘭西島) 區內裝潢最精美的城堡之一, 及觀賞 “Vive la Mariée” — 這個以婚紗禮服歷史為主題的展,因為一直在香港專注於為客戶籌辦 bridal shower。婚紗象徵著女性生命中最重要的一天,是次展覽回顧了這件具意義的服飾從17世紀末到20世紀30年代的演變。雖然婚紗的風格與款式隨著年代變遷不斷被重新塑造,但是品味從不過時,佔著婚禮中重要的一環。

欣賞40件伴隨著配飾的婚紗同時,一邊走訪 Château de Champs-sur-Marne 的美麗客房,除了滿溢著洛可可裝飾品的華麗襯托,它的大多數家具都出自18世紀最偉大的櫥櫃工匠之手。

Wedding Gown Exhibition_QueenEcoWedding Gown Exhibition_QueenEco

Chateau du Champs sur Marne_QueenEco

The Salle de Manger — it was considered one of the first rooms dedicated to dining in the History of France.  For the purpose of this exhibition, the table was set up to display the occasion of a wedding meal, with the Chantilly porcelain tableware of the Cahen family from Antwerp, Belgium, the last owner of the chateau. 

最令我難忘的是當中的飯廳 “Salle de Manger” — 因為它被認為是法國歷史上其中最早用來用餐的房間之一。 為配合是次展覽,桌子遵循舊時婚禮用餐場合一樣的佈置,食器沿用了該城堡最後一位擁有者Cahen家族所收藏的 Chantilly 瓷具。

Chateau du Champs sur Marne_QueenEco

Chateau du Champs sur Marne_QueenEco

In fact, before mid-18th century, meals were taken in the bedroom or the antechamber.  People would say “set the table” to install a temporary table for meals. The dining room of Champs-sur-Marne is considered one of the first for this purpose in France; others appeared even earlier in 1620-1630 at the hotel of Sully, or in 1660 at Vaux-le-Vicomtebut this particular room from 1708 has the most complete features.

其實,在十八世紀中以前,法國的皇室貴族都是在房間或前廳用膳。 所以人們會說“擺桌子”來表示安裝臨時餐桌。 Champs-sur-Marne 的飯廳被認為是法國最早期的飯廳之一。其他早期飯廳出現在1620年至1630年的 Sully 酒店或1660年的 Vaux-le-Vicomte,但這間來自1708年的飯廳具有最完善的設備。

Chateau du Champs sur Marne_QueenEco

Wedding Gown Exhibition_QueenEco On the rear wall, there are two golden fountains from the 18th century for refreshing bottles and delivering water from a reservoir behind the wall, flowing through the mouth of a sea god. The two consoles of red marble facilitate the serving of dishes. 後牆上有兩個金色噴泉,用作清洗瓶子或從牆後的水庫輸水。 兩個紅色大理石台則方便提供菜餚。

A symbol of French elegance, the Château de Champs was once owned by the Princess of Conti, the Duke of La Vallière, the Marquise de Pompadour (official mistress of King Louis XV), and has also hosted a number of famous guests. Its magnificent setting was shot in many films such as Sofia Coppola’s Marie-Antoinette (2006).

Château de Champs 曾為許多著名人所擁有,其中包括 Conti 公主,LaVallière 公爵和 Marquise de Pompadour ( 法國國王路易十五的著名情婦 ) 。 其華麗的場景亦被拍攝於許多電影中,如2006年 Sofia Coppola 的 “Marie-Antoinette” (瑪麗皇后) 。

Chateau du Champs sur Marne_QueenEco


Another room showcasing a variety of Globes de Mariée (the bride’s globe) is also not to be missed. Each globe is a souvenir that acts as a stage for displaying memorable objects of a wedded couple, such as crowns and flowers from special occasionsAppearing around 1850, its popularity reached its peak in the years 1890-1920, not only in France but also in other European countries. 

Ever since a few years ago, I have been passionated towards discovering more about this delicate bridal object.  Please read my earlier article dedicated to Globe de Mariée for more on its stories.

另一間展示了各種 Globe de Mariée (the bride’s globe) 的房間更是不容錯過。Globe de Mariée 不單是一個紀念品,也是一個放置具有重大意義物件的展示台,紀錄了一對結婚夫婦的回憶。 它出現於1850年左右,並在1890至1920年間廣為盛行 — 不僅在法國,在其他歐洲國家同樣馳名。

數年前開始熱衷於研究 Globe de Mariée 這精緻的結婚紀念物。請參考較早前另一篇關於 Globe de Mariée 的文章。

 Little Tips:

How to get to Château de Champs-sur-Marne from Paris: 

You may take RER line A to Noisiel le Luzard, then take the bus no. 220 (8 ‘) direction Bry-sur-Marne (bus stop is just across the road from the train station), and get off at Champs de Seine, or take a 20 minutes walk from the train station (personally not suggested).

您可以從巴黎乘坐RER A線到 Noisiel le Luzard,然後坐 220 (8 ‘) Bry-sur-Marne 方向巴士(巴士站在火車站的馬路對面),最後在 Champs de Seine下車。

你亦可從火車站步行20分鐘到達 (個人不建議)。

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Wedding Gown Exhibition_QueenEco

Vive la Mariée Exhibition:
From April 12, 2018 to September 12, 2018


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