DIY Bridal Shower Flower Crown French Style

A wedding crown is a timeless accessory for all brides.  According to the French tradition, they were often made with fresh flowers, especially orange blossoms, a delicate white flower symbolising purity.  As orange is one of the few plants that bears flowers and fruit at the same time, it was also associated with fertility. While other fresh flowers could also be used, the rise of Industrial Revolution brought with it artificial flowers made with wax or silk, which became popular for its availability against seasonality of fresh flowers.

婚冠是所有新娘子歷久不衰的飾品;根據法國的傳統,婚冠通常以鮮花製成,尤其是象徵純潔的精巧白色橙花橙是少數同時開花和結果的植物之一,因此亦象徵著生育。 婚冠也可以由其他鮮花製成,工業革命的興起同時帶來了由蠟或絲綢製成的人造花,因為解決了某些鮮花只限季節性供應的問題,因而廣受歡迎。

Flower Crown French Style_The Girls Room by QueenEco

While in Paris, we have hand-made our very own crown loaded with a range of artificial flowers in beautiful hues of cream and dusty pink as a statement piece, together with our other bridal collectibles from around France, it would be a remarkable experience for our Bridal Shower guests.

Hand-making a flower crown is a fun experience. It allows us to reveal our creativity and to tailor-make one that is unique to our own’s needs.   It adds a touch of personal style  to our look when attending special events.

Our tips for making a personalised crown is to start by choosing a style and colour scheme that reflect your character and taste, and that fit the dress theme of your occasion.   Then to select the varieties of the flowers and textures of the materials.

在巴黎期間,以用人造花手製了一個花冠,選用傳統的奶油色調,綴以點點淡粉紅,為我們的 Bridal Shower 賓客添上雅緻風釆。

手製花冠是一個有趣好玩的體驗。 發揮創意的小宇宙,製成的花冠是獨一無二的,讓我們於特別的場合彰顯一點點個人風格。

小提示 – 製作屬於自己的花冠時,可先以根據個人個性和品味以及場合打扮主題選擇主色系,然後考慮花種及材料質感。

DIY Flower Crown Workshop

If you would like to create a crown for you and your BFFs,  please contact us for arranging a private workshop. We could also provide Photography Service to take fun portraits of you and your group at the end of the workshop.


Flower Crown French Style_The Girls Room by QueenEco

Flower Crown French Style_The Girls Room by QueenEco

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