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French Chic Photography Studio

French Chic Photography Studio_The Girls' Room by QueenEco


Baby’s First Birthday

Sweet 16

Forever 21



Make Your Appointment ( Members-Only):

1)  Please join our Club to be a member! 會員尊享,請先登記成為我們的會員

這裡實施members-only私人預約 形式招待每一位來賓,歡迎各位於光臨前登記成為會員
1. 先填妥個人電郵資料並確認無誤
2. 你將立刻收到我們發出的確認電郵(請立即確認電郵方可成為QueenEco會員)

2) Please Contact Us, and provide: 1) your preferred date and theme ; 2) no. of people. We will get back to you to discuss, confirm the availability and details on the deposit required.

聯絡我們,並提供:1) 攝影主題及日期 2) 參與人數 , 我們會盡快跟你聯絡商議,確認日期及繳付訂金事宜。

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