About Holiday Mood by QueenEco

Savour Daily Art of Living in a Holiday Mood


We are launching “Holiday Mood by QueenEco”, a series of experience programs in Hong Kong or other cool places in the world. It all comes from the idea of savoring daily art of living in a relaxed mode. It is a program dedicated to urbanites from anywhere in the world to experience “Live Chic. Live Inspired.” — the QueenEco’s way.

For curating any gastronomic travel experiences in France / Hong Kong for your group, please feel free to contact us.

我們將陸續推出「Holiday Mood by QueenEco」以美食為軸心的慢活旅遊體驗 ,發揚在地球任何一角也可奉行的「Live Chic,Live Inspired 」精緻樂活心得,讓城市人不論在香港或是海外勝地,以猶如度假般的心情細味生活,放慢生活步調,尋回悠然自在的節奏。

如有需要為閣下團隊安排於法國 / 香港的美食深度遊,歡迎隨時聯絡我們進一步商討。

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