Opening Of Le French May Arts Festival 2019


As mentioned by our Chief Executive Ms. Carry Lam in her opening speech, Le French May is the most important cultural event of the year in our city, and the largest on French culture in the world outside of France.  It was so lucky that I was back to Hong Kong just in time to attend the official opening of “Le French May Arts Festival 2019″ and the preview of the flagship exhibition << Legend of the 20th century art: Niki de Saint Phalle >>.

今年的五月終於在香港,很開心能夠再次參與 Le French May 的活動。開幕典禮前再次下驟雨,法國駐港領事笑說這是巴黎天氣。同時,當天亦是法國五月年度展覽「二十世紀藝術的傳奇:妮基‧聖法爾」的預展,探索這位女藝術家異想天開的奇幻世界。



The French-born, American-raised artist — Niki de Saint Phalle (1930–2002) is one of the most significant female and feminist artists of the 20th century.  Her most beloved works are arguably her “Nana” sculptures —   which also called as “Nanas”.  Niki depicted women full of life,and create visually arresting work that captivated the world of fashion.

Niki de Saint Phalle (妮基‧聖法爾),生於法國巴黎塞納河畔納伊,是為20世紀其中最具影響力的女性藝術家兼女權主義者之一。最受歡迎的作品可以說是她的「娜娜」雕塑系列 ( 下稱 「娜娜」)。身形豐腴、引人注目的「娜娜」描繪了充滿生命的女性,不但對抗社會上女性的既有定型,同時深深影響著時裝界。

In 2018, Niki de Saint Phalle was the key inspiration of Christian Dior’s spring-summer collection, along with the artist’s friendship with Marc Bohan — the then Creative Director of Dior and the designer who has worked with Dior the longest in record.  With her travels and life adventures, Niki was Marc Bohan’s muse, and they influenced each other’s creations.

2018年,Christian Dior 發佈了以 Niki de Saint Phalle 為主要靈感的春夏成衣系列,延續了藝術家與當時 Dior 創意總監 Marc Bohan (任職 Dior Couture 最長的設計師) 的友情故事。Niki 不但曾經是客戶兼模特兒,她更是 Marc Bohan 的繆斯,共同啟發對方的創作。可想而知,Niki 的影響力與地位。


Left — Niki de Saint Phalle; Right — Marc Bohan (Photo Source:


<< Legend of the 20th century art: Niki de Saint Phalle >> is the highlight exhibition of Le French May this year, behind the cheerful colours, it lies the expressions of the artist questioning humanity, feminine power, relationships…

Niki never had formal training in art, but with her curiosity and sensitivity, she is one of the few female artists of the 20th century that received recognition in a male dominated art world and I was grateful to be having her grand daughter Ms. Bloum Cardenas, who is a powerful storyteller, explain to us Niki’s works.

是次展覽是今年法國五月的重點節目。在燦爛歡快的色彩背後,隱藏著藝術家對人性、女權及人際關係的質疑。Niki 雖從未接受過正式的藝術訓練,但她是二十世紀男性主導的藝術世界中為數不多獲得認可的女性藝術家之一,很榮幸能夠有她的孫女 Bloum Cardenas 女士向我們解釋Niki的作品。





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