The Afternoon Tea Set – Macaron Jewellery Box

” Macaron is the best sweetner for tea! ” – QueenEco

MACARON by queeneco SLIDERphoto (1)IMG_5875IMG_5837IMG_5823IMG_5829photo (2)theafternoonteasetbigbyqueenecoA perfect gift for wedding, bridal shower, birthday, house warming or just any occasion. Exclusively for The Girls Room customers.

無論你稱乎它做馬卡龍或杏仁小圓餅,Macaron身負下午茶時光甜美催化劑之美名,絕對當之無愧。平日粉色夢幻的Macaron一吃即逝,一切只留在回憶,The Girls Room by QueenEco為你提供可永遠留住倍伴左右的Macaron 作紀念禮物。

凡預訂以下任何一個歡笑滿載如在家中的法式私茶聚派對,即可獲贈Macaron Jewellery Box乙份:

Party for 2:
Pink Rose macaron box + Lavender macaron box + Tea Cup mirror : $420/set

Party for 3 :
Pink Rose macaron box + Lavender macaron box + Mint macaron box : $450/set

Members’ Privilege:只須登記成為會員(注意必須提供有效之電郵地址),即可尊享九折購物優惠。





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