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Flower Crown French Style_The Girls Room by QueenEco

DIY Bridal Shower Flower Crown French Style

A wedding crown is a timeless accessory for all brides.  According to the French tradition, they were often made with fresh flowers, especially orange blossoms, a delicate white flower symbolising purity.  As orange is one of the few plants that bears flowers and fruit at the same time, it was also associated with fertility. While other fresh flowers could also […] Read more…

French Bridal Must Haves_The Girls Room by QueenEco

French Bridal Must-Haves

A wedding day marks the beginning of a woman’s new life.  On this big day, the bride is the centre of attention, the queen of the party. According to the French tradition dating back to the 19th century, apart from the wedding gown, there are a few other “must-haves” for the bride to distinguish herself from […] Read more…


Château de Champs-sur-Marne: The Wedding Gown Exhibition

While staying in Paris, there are always many ideas for a day trip. Headed to Château de Champs-sur-Marne for two reasons: the chateau itself, built in 18th Century, one of the most beautifully furnished chateaux of ile-de-France (the region where Paris is), and the “Vive la Mariée” exhibition, the 3rd series of the “History in Costume” project by the National Monuments Centre. […] Read more…

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