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The Girls Room by QueenEco_Baby Shower HK_20180510

16個留下孕期回憶秘方:《PREGNANCY MAGAZINE》05/2018

The Girls Room by QueenEco 除了營辦 Bridal Shower 茶聚派對,一向也有為準媽媽與姊妹們迎接寶寶來臨的 Baby Shower 茶聚派對服務。 今期以創辦人身分,於孕媽媽雜誌16週年專題 – 16個留下孕期回憶秘方分享籌備 Baby Shower 的各項建議。 Thanks for inviting me as founder of the Girls Room by QueenEco to share tips on organising Baby Showers as part of Pregnancy Magazine’s 16th Anniversary Feature Story. Read more…