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The Girls Room by QueenEco French Chic Bridal Shower Tea Party HK

Bridal Shower Venues in Hong Kong: 《BrideandBreakfast》2019

Since our inception in 2011, The Girls Room by QueenEco has never ceased to improve our services to deliver one-of-a-kind comprehensive bridal shower experience to our guests, and we are grateful to have been continuously supported by major media in Hong Kong. The Girls Room by QueenEco 自2011年成立以來,我們一直至臻完美,為繁忙的客人包辦獨一無二的 Bridal Shower 體驗,非常感謝香港各大媒體的一直以来的支持。 Please register as our member prior to […] Read more…

Flower Crown French Style_The Girls Room by QueenEco

DIY Bridal Shower Flower Crown French Style

A wedding crown is a timeless accessory for all brides.  According to the French tradition, they were often made with fresh flowers, especially orange blossoms, a delicate white flower symbolising purity.  As orange is one of the few plants that bears flowers and fruit at the same time, it was also associated with fertility. While other fresh flowers could also […] Read more…

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