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The Romantic Paris Proposal

the romantic paris wedding services

Your proposal story will be shared with family, friends, children, grandchildren and even strangers… 你的求婚故事將會在家人、朋友、兒女、子孫以至陌生人之間傳頌……

Where’s better than Paris to propose ?


Paris will always be synonym of beauty, love, passion! It is the perfect place to eventually propose your partner : you rise up to 100% the chance that she/he says yes !


Make the proposal a romantic story worth telling with our Parisian touch!


Let us organize a proposal that looks like no other 讓我們助你安排一個與別不同的求婚旅程

Coming all the way to Paris, you need to have a professional Parisian team to plan it all for you and avoid the clichés and crowded places. You want it to be really unique! We will design for you a personalized proposal :  it will be up to you and what you want to offer to your beloved one.

A treasure hunt in Paris streets, … A private cruise on the river… A cup of champagne in an open roof vintage car… Street dancers just for you… or any other bespoke surprise all set up in a Parisian decor… Anything is possible to organize your « like no other » proposal.




Unique memories brought back home  把一生難忘回憶帶回家

You and your love will always remember these unforgettable moments in Paris, and to make sure that you can share this unique memory with your friends, family (and later … your grand children!), Charlotte, our photographer, will be there to follow you and shoot this unique moment of your life.



《The Romantic Paris Proposal》:


  • Define your story: Consultation in Hong Kong at The Girls Room by QueenEco
  • A copy of The Girls Book to Paris by QueenEco
  • Planning & Organization with our Paris-Hong Kong Team

During your trip:

  • A roadbook detailing the final plan and itinary
  • Arrangement of essential props: e.g. flowers or champagne etc.
  • Half day shooting with our Photographer
  • A memorable photo book

We will tailor-made your dream package, subject to your final requirements.

Please contact us to know more about our service.



  • 附詳細行程介紹之路線計劃書
  • 安排必備拍攝道具,如鮮花或香檳等
  • 我們的攝影師主理的半天拍攝
  • 紀念相片集


請 聯絡我們 以便協助。 

amandine02拷貝 (506x800)

Our Paris- Hong Kong Team 誠意為你編排切合你與愛侶一生難忘的求婚片段。

2 Comments on The Romantic Paris Proposal

  1. Chau Wing Hei
    August 31, 2016 at 10:52 pm (2 years ago)

    想問下巴黎求婚有咩package 揀?一般收費幾多?

    • QueenEco
      September 1, 2016 at 1:05 am (2 years ago)

      Dear Chau Wing Hei,

      Would you like to tell us more about your requirements by email: or call us at 28051164?

      We may further discuss directly.

      many thanks


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