The Girls Room by QueenEco

A One-of-a-kind members-only venue to celebrate special occasions serving home-style French gourmets restyled by QueenEco

別出心裁的私人法式美點茶聚  紀念性的日子為你留下難忘一刻

Eco-chic French Gourmet Tea Parties for Your Memorable Moments: Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, Wedding Registrations, and Photography Parties

佈置彷如巴黎女生舒適愜意小巧公寓的 The Girls Room by QueenEco,齊集了各款由女主人QueenEco 遊走法國各區搜羅的精緻 vintage 茶具及飾品,包括十九世紀法式傳統結婚紀念物 — Globe de Mariée。以時尚 Parisian Chic 作為 The Girls Room by QueenEco 的裝潢藍本,加上個人風格,佈置猶如法國女孩家裡的會客空間。賓客可閒坐這裡,隨意細味每一個角落的心思擺設,說不定你一看便會愛上!室內的空間感來自開放式佈局和寬敞的玻璃窗台,明媚日光拆射到室內,徜徉在其中,享受法式閒情逸緻,是為各種特別日子舉行夢想茶聚派對的尚佳地點,全部專屬 QueenEco 的會員享用。自啟業以来,有幸獲各大傳媒支持,更曾被香港暢銷報章蘋果日報評為全港十大下午茶選址之一。

Under the setting of a modern Parisian Girl’s home, The Girls Room by QueenEco is a discreet address known for its whimsical French chic home-style tea parties since its inception in 2011.  It is the first members-only tea parties club in Hong Kong that promotes French Art de Vivre, and the pioneer specialising in bridal showers.  Gather the bride squad into a private tea room well decorated with a personalized backdrop for the bride-to-be and vintage collectibles handpicked from France, including a range of bridal must-haves according to the French tradition, such as the 19th-century Globe de Mariée and bridal crowns.  Every guest will enjoy total privacy to chat freely while savouring a full range of hearty tea-time delights that represent different regions in France.  Since its launch, it has been well supported by various media, and was chosen by Apple Daily, the major local newspaper, as one of the top ten afternoon tea locations in Hong Kong in 2012.

A journey to savour French regional specialties.  Everything will be meticulously arranged for your ease of mind

跟好姊妹盡情享受全屬於你們的法式閒情逸緻空間? 向來欣賞法國女生擅長布置家居及親自下廚招待友好的 QueenEco,由衷為你們稱心安排如在家般自在的法式美好時光,更可一嚐法國各區地道住家風味茶點,輕鬆的歡笑將成為彼此甜美旳集體回憶。佈置精巧夢幻如巴黎女生家中一角的 The Girls Room by QueenEco,同時融入環保理念,由佈置到餐桌安排,均不使用一次性即棄用具。一切食材選擇也一絲不苟,茶葉從巴黎百年老店搜購回港,美點跟正宗法國餐飲服務供應商認真嚴選,主人善用手工美感為每一美點造型重新演繹,使之與餐桌上各種收藏自法國各地的雅緻vintage用具巧妙共舞。


The Girls Room sprouted from our founder’s passion for curating a comprehensive French chic home-style tea party every girl would wish for.  QueenEco is educated in Paris in Gastronomic Culture, Art of Table, and Wine.  All gourmet items are carefully selected from authentic French suppliers, served with a mix of vintage and contemporary table wares sourced from France and restyled by the QueenEco team.  We are conscious about not using disposable plastic tablewares to stay as eco-friendly as possible in our venue.  Only fine tea picked from a century-old maison in Paris which is authorized to grow their ingredients in the King’s Garden of Versailles.  With that extra personal touch and attention to detail in food and beverages, The Girls Room will surprise our guests with a French flair.

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